Keep Your iPhone And iPad Secure With These Best Security Apps in 2019!

iPhones and iPads are devices that need to guarded carefully. Not only do they need to be protected from theft, but they also store a lot of confidential information in them, which could be disastrous in the wrong hands.

These devices are expensive, a personal gadget. Hence you would not want others to be able to access this information whenever they wish.

For this reason, there are several apps on the market that offer protection for your device. Since there are different ways in which you would want to secure your iDevices, these apps serve a variety of purposes. Take a look at few of the apps which will keep you protected:


Apple’s security app for locating your device is the most secure app that you could have on your iDevice. With this app, you can remotely track any of your devices, form your iPhone to your Apple Watch. This app comes with an Activation Lock that prevents anyone from accessing your iCloud, and it even offers you the option of erasing all of your data from your phone. There is a map that shows you the location of your device, and you can even play a sound to be able to locate your device. There is a Lost Mode that offers you several options to ensure that you can locate your device or erase all data on your phone. You can easily use this feature by signing in to iCloud.

Apple's security app for locating your device is the most secure app that you could have on your iDevice.

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2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a very user-friendly VPN service for all your devices. The best thing about this app is that you can use it on all your devices simultaneously. Once you’ve installed it on your iPhone, you can choose any of the three plans to safeguard your device and digital footprint. Use MultiHop and Camouflage Mode to conceal your tray online.

The app is divided mainly into four tabs: Physical, Virtual, P2P, and MultiHop. To create a camouflage, you can use more than one virtual location. Note that the Surfshark iOS app is much easier to use than its web version.

Surfshark is a very user-friendly VPN service for all your devices.


This app offers a seven-day free trial after which you will need to upgrade to a premium plan, but it is worth it. This app is considered to be the best VPN for iOS. With this app, you can shield all confidential information when you are browsing the internet. You can choose from several different servers, and there is no limitation to how often you can change your server as well. Additionally, this app is compatible with most of the popular carriers, but it also supports LTE, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G connections.


Keep all of your sensitive information secure with this app. This app checks your phone for any vulnerability and ensures that your information is always protected. With this app, your data, as well as your identity, is protected at all times. It automatically saves the location of your device when your battery is low and keeps track of all of your social media so that no information is leaked. You can use the free version of this app or upgrade to premium.

Keep all of your sensitive information secure with this app.

5. Lock App With Password Manager

Many of us have private pictures, videos, and applications that we want to maintain under wraps, away from prying eyes. That’s why I thought it would be great to include an app like “Lock App With Password Manager.” Basically, this app enables you to shield your favorite applications, pics, and videos from unauthorized access. You can encrypt your folder with your passwords so that no one can access it without your consent.

Apart from safety, the app has a clutter-free interface and operates smoothly. But keep in mind that the freemium version of this safety app is restricted. And to unlock all the pro characteristics, you’ll need to pay $9.99, which is sensible given the reliable functionality.

6. mSecure – Password Manager

There are two bigwigs when it comes to secure password management: 1PasswordLock and mSecure. I think mSecure is as nice as 1PasswordLock.

It provides the highest level of security to protect and manage your various passwords. Encrypt your information using industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption.

7. Alert 360

“Alert 360” lets you track and control your home office from anywhere in the globe. E-mail or text alerts for chosen activities will keep you updated about important items. You can watch live videos, recorded videos, or stored videos to make sure everything’s okay.

You will be able to turn off or off the lights, and you will also be able to lock or unlock the doors. Furthermore, Alert 360 is consistent with several languages such as English, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Bokmål, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, etc.

8. Best Phone Security Pro

This one is intelligent and operates as an efficient anti-theft app. Whenever you try to enter the incorrect password on your iOS device, the app will automatically capture your picture. You can also see the place of the intruders. The app demonstrates the icon’s break-in efforts.

9. Note Lock

Are you worried about the safety of your personal notes? You need “Note Lock” not only to maintain your records fully protected but also to handle them more conveniently.

It comes with a surveillance scheme where, if you enter an incorrect passcode or pattern 3 times, your recorded security camera appears. There is also an anti-intrusion mechanism that captures the picture of the intruder.

10. Foscam Surveillance Pro

This app acts as a safety surveillance module and allows you to control cameras in eight directions. It is consistent with MJPEG and H264 streams and provides two-way audio for Foscam MJPEG cameras.

It offers a mosaic perspective of 4 landscape cameras and 6 portrait cameras at once. You can customize your motion detection and e-mail settings.

11. Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is also working with Apple Watch. This app operates with Duo Security’s two-factor authentication service, making your login more secure. Whenever you attempt to log in, this app will generate a passcode, and you will receive push notifications for simple authentication on your iOS device.

If you are using passwords for other web services and applications, you can use Duo Mobile to handle two-factor authentication.


There are a variety of apps out there to keep your iDevices secure. Whether you want to prevent theft or ensure that your information is safe, you can use these apps in conjunction. Choose any of these options to ensure that you have the best protection for your devices!

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