Here Is How You Can Listen To FM Radio On Your iPhone!

Are you bored of listening to your playlist over and over again? Are you ready to discover some new music? Why not listen to the radio to keep up with all of the latest hits? There are times when listening to the radio is all you want, but unfortunately, your iPhone does not support it. While your iPhone has a ton of other amazing features, an FM radio tuner is not one of them.

Listening to the radio is not just about listening to music; you can even catch talk shows online which talk about everything from food to movies to sports. Hence, the radio keeps you entertained. But, since your iPhone does not come with a radio tuner, you will need to use another app to listen to it. While you can look for FM Radio apps on the App Store, here are a few of our recommendation which we think you will love:

1.iHeart Radio

You can download this app for free and enjoy a lot of amazing features. On this app, you can listen to local radio stations or select one which is based on your favorite genres. Tap on a station, and it will start playing. For the stations that you love, you can ‘Like’ them to be able to access them from your library quickly. With this app, you can not only listen to music but also enjoy podcasts and even create your playlist. The free version of the app offers several great features, but you can upgrade it via in-app purchases to unlock a few more.

You can download this app for free and enjoy a lot of amazing features.

2.Simple Radio

As the name suggests, this app is pretty straightforward without too many frills. Once you open the app, you are greeted with a list of station names based on your location. Just tap on the station that you like to add to your favorites so that you can access it whenever you want. This app offers a Jukebox feature where you can listen to stations based on genres that you love. The free version of the app is available on the app store, and you can upgrade to a premium version that removes all ads and even offers you a sleep timer.

3.Radio FM

Don’t want to be confined to radio stations in your area? You can use this app to not only listen to radio stations across your city, state, or country, but you can use it to unlock the radio stations all around the world. Tap on the country of your choice, and then you will have a list of stations that you can choose from. This free app lets you explore a whole new world of music!

4.TuneIn Radio

Not just music, with this app, you can listen to a podcast, sports shows, talk shows, or even to the news. Add the station that you like to your favorites, and you can access them easily. With this app, you can listen to top-rated spots shows and even pick stations based on your favorite team with podcasts you have the option of browsing through your preferred genre as well. This app curates all of the things that you like and puts them in one place. What more could you want?

With so many suggestions to choose from, you are bound to find one that you like. When you can listen to the radio whenever you want, you will never be bored again! With these apps, you can discover new music, podcasts and even talk shows that help you keep up with the latest events, try them today!

With tunein radio app, you can listen to a podcast, sports shows, talk shows, or even to the news.

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Set Web player

Web players are web players along with FM stations offering their own particular applications. Check and see if they give a live streaming service if your favourite station is accessible online. Then, simply open your phone’s browser connection and plug in.

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