13 Best iOS Apps that Compatible with Apple CarPlay in 2019

Apple’s best feature is CarPlay, which brings communication and recreation functions to the inbuilt screen in your automobile exploitation iPhone apps. The feature seems on a lot of new cars and aftermarket displays that you can purchase these days.

As CarPlay carries to shows up from a lot of makers, we’re conjointly seeing a lot of developers modify CarPlay capabilities in their apps. Once you put in these apps on your iPhone, they seem on your CarPlay-enabled show after you connect your iPhone. Browse on for the growing list of iPhone apps that support CarPlay.

It is the gift to humankind from Apple. iPhone works as a boon to all human beings in this world because of its unique and handy features. With the progress in technology, Apple might end up developing superhuman robots someday in the future.

What cars are powered by Apple CarPlay?

As of October 2019, over 500 car models with CarPlay have been available either as standard or as a paid-for optional extra.

Some cars bundle CarPlay when you opt for an enhanced sound system, for example, or choose a higher cabin trim level.

Many manufacturers pay a premium for the addition of CarPlay on their own, and the cost can differ significantly.

For starters, Honda offers CarPlay as standard on some models, Mercedes charges £ 267 (about $330, AU$480), and Ford provides CarPlay with its about £ 550 (about $680/AU$1,000) Sync 3 system in the new Fiesta–along with a larger touch screen and the company’s navigation system.

At other end of the scale, Ferrari charges a vast $2,400 (about $2,900/AU$4,400) for adding the software needed to make it work.

CarPlay in iOS:

As you already know the iPhone holds an extremely significant point in the world of smart-phones. Apple has provided various features and technically advanced default systems in the iPhones. One of the most useful features present in the iPhone is CarPlay. Apple has blessed iPhone users with many such facilities, including that of CarPlay. It is illegal or not safe to use your cell-phone or any electrical gadget while driving. If you are in the driver seat, you are not supposed to do anything except driving as you have the responsibility of all the people sitting on the passenger seats. The people sitting on the passenger seats can have leisure time while traveling. Still, the person on the driver’s seat has to be very careful and cautious while driving as anything can distract him and cause accidents on the road.

Reasons for using CarPlay in iOS:

Every action has a reason behind it. Similarly, every development and discovery has a reason behind it. The innovations take place to serve human needs. CarPlay features in iOS help the drivers a lot. It is not an unusual thing for the driver to face difficulty in finding correct routes while driving. Enquiring the locals by stopping cars by the roadside is not a very comfortable option. In that case, you might need a helping hand or map guide.

There are several more reasons for the drivers and iPhone users to use CarPlay while driving.

Features of CarPlay in iOS:

CarPlay in iOS provides the iPhone user with many necessary facilities while driving. Some of the excellent features are as follows:

There are many more features on CarPlay, which makes it worthy of all the penny of purchase.

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Amazing CarPlay Apps For The iPhone:

iPhone provides you with the feature of CarPlay from the iPhone 5 onwards. But Apple does not have any application of its own CarPlay feature. Choosing a correct CarPlay app is totally under the responsibility of the iPhone user. For your convenience, this article will give you some information about the various CarPlay apps on the internet for iOS. The following are the multiple CarPlay apps:


This application provides you with the fastest route to your destination. It keeps you updated about all the latest news of rallies and accidents on the road. You can listen to music or radio podcasts via the features of CarPlay in iOS on the dashboard of your car whenever you are driving with your family and friends. Waze shows you the informative guides and even displays your live location on the dashboard or default screen in your car. Waze helps you with all the recent information about the rise in petrol prices and decisions regarding vehicles. Waze shows you the cheapest gas station near you whenever needed. It is an ideal app to use in CarPlay.

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Waze provides you with the fastest route to your destination.

2.TomTom Go Navigation

Apart from Waze, if you are looking for an ideal navigation app for CarPlay in iOS, TomTom Navigation can be a great option for you. This app helps you with all the hazard-free routes. It provides you maps for your convenience while driving. In the case of an internet shortage, you can save maps offline for later use in the car. It takes the help of the default screen in your vehicle to help you with the road routes to your destination spot. This CarPlay app helps you with the proper information about the construction site and traffic jams on your way to avoid them. TomTom Go Navigation app enables you to locate any spot on geotagged pictures. It even shares your ETA with people waiting for your car in any particular place. While traveling to any distance, you can get the information on scenic spots from this app. TomTom Go Navigation app is handy for your daily use while driving.

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TomTom Go Navigation helps you with all the hazard-free routes.


This app provides you with more than 120,000 radio stations from all over this planet. You can get access to any radio station in your suitable language. The TuneIn is a universal app which gives you all the necessary information about sports, music, and accidents from all over the world. With a premium subscription of $10, you can get access to more 130 radio stations from this app.

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This app is quite famous for its all around the globe service. iHeartRadio helps you give voice commands with the help of Siri on your CarPlay in iOS. It lets you create a playlist of your choice with unlimited songs in your car. It has a subscription of $6 and $13 per month with which you get to record your favorite shows and podcasts on the radio and listen to it later.

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iHeartRadio helps you give voice commands with the help of Siri on your CarPlay in iOS.

5.Dash Radio

This app provides you with more than 75 ad-free channels the whole day. You can easily listen to your favorite curators and hosts the entire day. Like earlier days, this app lets you hear human beings singing and playing music on live streams effortlessly.

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If you are a podcast lover, this app is ideal for you. It mainly focuses on podcasts all around the globe. It helps you with the unique feature of push notification on your CarPlay so that you do not miss any episode. It lets you save the live events offline for your later use. Overcast is full of ads, though you can subscribe to it for $10 a year to avoid such problems.

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Overcast helps you with the unique feature of push notification on your CarPlay


It is an Amazon creation. If you are already a member of Amazon Prime, you can easily use this app. This app allows you to download the original series and audiobooks of your choice for offline use. You can name the audiobooks of your choice around the world. With a subscription of $15 per month, you can get access to one audiobook and two Audible Originals per month.

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8.NPR One

The more you use NPR, the more it will know your taste in music. This app has a feature that lets it guess your choice, and thus, it provides such songs in your playlist. It is effortless to use, and you can even use the catch-up section for listening to missed parts of podcasts and live shows.

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NPR One is effortless to use, and you can even use the catch-up section for listening to missed parts of podcasts and live shows.


In recent times, Spotify has become pretty popular among the massive population around the world. Its unique features and facilities make it famous among people. You can subscribe to the packages of $5 for students, $10 for individuals, and $15 for families, which you can share with five more people of your family to enjoy ad-free music sessions while driving by CarPlay.

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Pandora is like NPR One. It learns your choice of music as a set and forgets system is ideal for you while driving. Pandora continues to play songs of your choice while driving. You need to set it up via CarPlay in iOS.

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Pandora learns your choice of music as a set and forgets system is ideal for you while driving.

11.MLB At Bat

This app mainly focuses on sports channels. If you are a sports lover, you can access this app for your CarPlay in iOS. This app keeps you updated all the time with all useful sports information.

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This app is just like the audible that allows you to play audiobooks of your favorite artists.

13.Free Audiobooks

This app is ideal for an automobile driver because it is free from ads and allows you to hear your favorites whereas driving via CarPlay in iOS.

If you are not a fan of Apple Maps or Google Maps, you can easily use all the apps above.

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