iPhone: How to Avoid Toll Roads in Apple Maps and Google Maps

No one likes to pay toll when they are going out. Road tolls are extra expense which is unnecessary and can be avoided easily. Thanks to innovations in technology today, we can use map apps on iPhone whenever we are trying to navigate an unknown route or an unfamiliar city, and these apps always give us several route options in reture to our expectation. These applications allow us to know whether we will face any traffic, where to find a rest stop or an eatery and much more. If you have Apple Maps or Google Maps on your iPhone, you can easily avoid paying toll even in an unfamiliar city. With the help of just a few small steps, you can go home with an alternate route without paying any toll.

Since both Google Maps and Apple Maps have a bird’s-eye view of all roads, they can quickly provide you with alternate routes to your destination. But, how do you set up your iPhone accordingly? Well, this article will help you answer that question!

How to Avoid Toll Roads on iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, then you have the option of either using Google Maps which you have to download from the App Store, or you can use the pre-installed Apple Maps on your phone. Depending on which application you prefer, you will have to follow different steps in order to set up toll avoiding settings for your route options. The steps are not complicated at all and once you have read this article all the way through you will be equipped with the handy knowledge of how you can easily find no tolls route using your iPhone.

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Option 1: Avoid Tolls On The Road With iPhone Google Maps:

If you are using Google Maps, then you will have no problems in trying to avoid tolls. This application has the option of avoiding tolls readily available for you. If you do not have the application already downloaded onto your iPhone, then you can go to the App Store and download it for free.

Steps To Avoid Tolls On Google Maps:

After you download the app onto your iPhone, open the Google Maps application and follow these steps to find an alternative toll-free route to your destination:

  1. Enter your desired destination onto the application.
  2. As for your loccation, you can use the “Current location” option to let the app automatically detect where you are, or enter it manually.
  3. Tap the blue button for “Directions”.
  4. You will find that there are three vertical dots to the right of the search boxes, tap on them to view settings.
    Avoid Tolls On The Road With iPhone Google Maps
  5. You will find an option called “Route options”, tap on it.
  6. Once the route options have opened, you will find a tab that says ”Avoid tolls,” turn it on.
    Avoid Tolls On The Road With iPhone Google Maps
  7. If you would like to avoid tolls at all times, you can switch on the “Remember settings option”.
  8. Click on the back arrow to go back to navigation
  9. You will find a blue button which says Start with an arrow pointing upwards, tap on it to begin your journey

Option 2: Use Apple Maps To Avoid Tolls on iPhone

Apple Maps is an in-built application that comes installed in all iPhones. Just like Google Maps, this application helps you navigate your way through a familiar or unfamiliar city. You can use its GPS technology to arrive at any destination, and by setting it up accordingly, you can also use it to avoid any toll roads. Avoiding tolls using Apple Maps is a little more complicated, but it is by no means impossible.

Opt For No Tolls Route With iOS 9 Or Earlier:
If you have iOS 9 or earlier, then avoiding toll may be a little more time consuming for you, since Apple does not have the option of toll avoiding for thess versions. When you use Apple maps on your iOS 9 or earlier device, it will let you know whether or not a particular route has tolls, but does not provide you with the option of toll-free routes.

In order to opt for no toll routes, you have to select alternate routes yourself till you find one which does not have any tolls at all.

Avoid Tolls On Your iOS 10 Or Later Device:

With OS 10 or later you can set up Apple Maps to avoid tolls on the road, though you have to change your settings through the iOS Settings but not the maps app itself, which can be a little confusing compared to other maps apps.
As Apple Maps comes pre-installed onto your phone, you do not need to download it onto your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on the option “Maps”, then “Driving and Navigation”.
  3. Then click on the “tolls” option under AVOID section.
    Use Apple Maps To Avoid Tolls on iPhone
  4. Once you have successfully completed the process, Apple Maps will only show you the route options which do not have any toll.

With Apple Maps, you will be automatically shown options with tolls in them if they take lesser time. When there is a toll on the route, Apple maps show a dollar sign next to the route.

Why You Need to Avoid Tolls?

When you are going to work, school or any other destination which you travel to on a daily basis, paying a toll every day can really rack up the bills. Or, even if you are visiting an unfamiliar place, you will want to avoid any extra expensethat is unnecessary. Hence you will want to opt for routes where you do not have to pay any tolls by using maps on iPhone.

Usually, a route with a toll will provice you a shorter path to destination and save you a lot of extra time. While routes without tolls may take you a little more time, they will ultimately save you some cash as well. Unless you have to go to a place urgently, using a route without tolls will not cost much of your time. Now that you know how you can set up your iPhone in order to avoid tolls and opt for a toll-free route, you can avoid shelling out extra money unnecessarily if you are going somewhere.

If you want other maps app options other than the two mentioned in this article, you can always check on 10 Best Offline Navigation Maps Apps for iPhone and iPad. And if you face any problem, please don’t hestitate to contact with us by commenting down.

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