How to Hack Facebook Account and Password – Easy and Free

Looking to get back your old Facebook account? Or, are you unable to reset your password because you no longer have access to the same email you used Facebook to sign up for?

Despite security concerns, Facebook currently has more than 2.2 billion users worldwide. All of us share important events of our lives on the social media platform without fearing what would happen if our account gets hacked. It doesn’t take much to hack a Facebook account because there are multiple freeways published by hackers online. If you want to know how to hack Facebook password continue reading ahead.

Reasons to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account and Password

Everyone has their own reasons to hack a Facebook account and password but make sure it is a good one. Here are a few good reasons to hack someone’s FB account:

1. Spy on your kids

As a parent, you are always concerned about your child’s online security, especially after they enter their teenage years. They start getting secretive and are easily influenced by social media trends. Before you hack their account, ask them to show their Facebook profile, so you can check it. If they don’t, you have no choice but a hack.

2. Curiosity to know the truth

If you recently went through a sudden breakup and can’t find a reasonable reason behind it, hacking into your partner’s Facebook account might seem the right thing to do. Before you commit to the idea, confirm with yourself if you really want to do it because if you are caught, you will land in trouble.

3. Confirming your suspicions

If you are suspicious about your friends or family members’ changed behavior, hacking into their Facebook account might help you find out the reason. The person might be in trouble and would be in a situation where they can’t tell about it to anyone. Hacking into someone else’s account sounds wrong but if it will help the person, you should go forward with your decision.

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5 Effective Methods to Hack Facebook Account and Password

Hack Facebook Account and Password

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Now that we have cleared up the reason, let’s move on to how to hack FB account:

1. Traditional password recovery method

If you have the person’s email id, hacking into the Facebook account is the easiest thing. There’s a way to find out the email id if you don’t know already. Go to the Contact Info section of your friend’s Facebook account. Follow the steps we mentioned below for successfully hacking the password using this FB password hacker method:

Traditional password recovery method

The best way to tackle this situation is by making three to five fake accounts and sending a friend request to the person or pick three to five friends who are willing to help you out.

2. Use key logger

Keylogger is a software that records a person’s keyboard activity without them finding out about it. You will have to manually download the software on the other person’s computer. Since it stays hidden, they won’t be able to find it. There are multiple keylogger software that will teach you how to hack Facebook account.

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You can also use a hardware keylogger USB drive to record keyword patterns. However, the USB drive needs to be connected to the victim’s computer. Keep it there for the whole day, so the USB can take a summary. Connect the device to your computer to retrieve the data.

3. Man in the Middle Attack

The Man in the Middle Attack is a technical procedure during which you make the person connect to the fake WiFi network. There are different tools that will assist you in the process including WiFi Pumpkin, Raspberry Pi, and Wireless Network Adapter. They are affordable and get you close to your target in a short time.

The Facebook password hacker checks the person’s phone and directs traffic to fake login pages to record the password and email id. The tool allows you to set the social media platforms that you want. To avoid this happening to you, don’t connect your phone or laptop to unsecured WiFi networks.

Man in the Middle Attack

4. Phishing

Phishing is difficult but also the most common method to hack FB account. In this method, you create a fake login page, which you can send the person via email. Make sure the fake login looks exactly the same as the real Facebook page. After the victim logs in, the software will record all information and send it to you instead of the social media platform.

It is a very technical process and involves multiple steps like creating a web hosting account. Use these detailed instructions by Null Byte to help with the development process. However, this method isn’t as effective because people have become more careful about the website they are logging into and also install email phishing filters on their computers.

You can use the same method with the person’s email id. Once you get access to the email, you can change the password of the Facebook account. It is a long process but gives you access to all social media platforms that are connected to it.


5. Using social engineering

Social engineering works only if the person has a weak password. If you are good at guessing, you can use it to hack a Facebook account for free. This Facebook password cracker method involves guessing answers of security questions that the user has set to log into their Facebook account or email account.

Some common passwords that people use include:

  1. Year of birth
  2. Marriage anniversary or birthday of their children
  3. Names of their spouse and/or children, favorite movie, or pet
  4. Mobile phone numbers

You don’t have to know the person very well because you will all these details on their Facebook page. You will get limited tries, so do all your research before you start trying.

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Hacking someone’s Facebook account is a risky job, so any method you select should be foolproof. Out of all these methods, the traditional method is the easiest even though it is time-consuming. In the article, you also learned how to hack someone’s Facebook, so that’s clear. If you want a readymade Facebook hacker, use the keylogger method. There are many keyloggers available online or you can also build the software on your own.

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Once you are done using the method and hack into the Facebook account, break all connections to the software you used as the developers might continue to get access to the person’s personal information. If you find something wrong, talk to the person about their situation and find a practical solution. Don’t tell the person you hacked it because it will affect your relationship.

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