How to Hack Anyone’s Instagram Account and Password for Free

After Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teenagers and early adults, who have created a profession out of it. For some reason, such as if you have forgotten your login password, want to check what your child has done on Instagram, or see if your partner has cheated you, etc., you may need to hack your own or someone else’s Instagram account. To serve your needs, here, I will introduce 9 simple and reliable ways for you.

Hack Anyone’s Instagram Account and Password.

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Method 1. Forgot Password Feature of Instagram

If you can get hold of the Instagram account holder’s email id and password, this is the simplest method ever. To use this method to hack Instagram password, follow these steps:

Forgot Password Feature of Instagram

Method 2. Use mSpy – Instagram Tracker

Our next method is a spy app cum Instagram hack tool called mSpy. It is easy to use but needs you to act a little sneaky. Here’s how to hack Instagram password for free using mSpy:

Use mSpy - Instagram Tracker

Method 3. Use iKeyMonitor KeyLogger

iKeyMonitor KeyLogger is an Instagram password cracker that helps you retrieve passwords from iOS devices. It only works on jailbroken devices and you have to make sure to deactivate any antivirus running on the device as it stops the app from working. Follow these steps to use iKeyMonitor KeyLogger:

When you want to disable the app, visit the in-built admin panel on the website. The person won’t even know that their Instagram account was hacked.

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Method 4. Use ArroApp – Best Instagram Hacker

You can use the ArroApp on both, iPhone and Android devices. It is the most convenient Instagram password finder as you don’t need to jailbreak the other phone. Here’s how to use this method:

The account holder won’t get the slightest hint of any suspicious activity.

Use ArroApp - Best Instagram Hacker

Method 5. Use the Flexispy KeyLogger

Another simple method to hack someone’s Instagram account is using Flexispy KeyLogger. It works specifically on iOS devices. Here’s how to hack an Instagram account for free using the app:

Flexispy KeyLogger is not only an Instagram account hacker but logs in every activity the iPhone user performs on their phone. You will receive a daily report on your phone at the end of the day.

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Method 6. Hack Instagram Account Using Ighack

Another secure method to hack Instagram password, ighack doesn’t need to download any app on your device. The best part about ighack is that it is untraceable, so there’s no way the other person will find out about it. Here’s the procedure you should follow for a successful hack:

It gives you access to the password, which takes only a few minutes. Download the Instagram app on your mobile phone and log in using the account name and the password you just found out.

Hack Instagram Account Using Ighack

Method 7. Use Instagram Password Hacking Tool

Instahack not only allows you to recover the password but also snoop around in the account. It is one of the fastest methods and is entirely free of cost. It works on both Android and iOS phones and tablets. Here are the steps to hack Instagram account:

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Method 8. Use Instaleak for Instant Password Recovery

Instaleak is another simple way to hack Instagram password and account. The software uses an in-built IP spoofer to cover your IP, so you can’t be tracked back. It has an easy to use interface, so you won’t have any difficulty in navigating your way around. Let’s check how to use Instaleak:

Use Instaleak for Instant Password Recovery

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Method 9. Spy Around Using ThetruthSpy

thetruthSpy is a sneaky mobile app that not only allows you to hack Instagram for free but gives complete access to a person’s mobile phone. It is a paid app but it offers a two-day free trial, which is more than enough for you to snoop around, read direct messages, and monitor app usage as well. Here’s how to use thetruthSpy:

Once you are done the checking, log out of your account and delete the app on the victim’s phone.

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WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version


In the article, we talked about nine simple and free methods that you can use to hack someone’s Instagram account. Before trying any of these methods, the first method that is offered by Instagram as it is the most secure method. Out of all of them, Instahack is the easiest method because you don’t need to sign-up on the website or download the app on the victim’s phone. If you have questions or would like to share anything, leave it in the comments below. It covers your IP address, so no one can track you back. Make sure to delete your account on the website after you are done checking your child’s Instagram account.

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